I'm Dmytro and live in this beautiful city of Raleigh in North Carolina since.
Many years ago I've immigrated from Ukraine.

Whole my life I’ve been working in design and programming world, front and back ends of web developing, applications and games developing, publish and web graphics you name it. And I very love it.

This portfolio-site is created just for employers and clients to see my work and get to know me better. You always can contact me with your questions, ideas and job offers!

Let’s do something meaningful together!


Finaly finished development of few aplications and web-site for Electrical company. This is Electrical/ Plumbing/ A/C Truck List makers and the Electrical Inspection App. Very interesting work. First time I fully wrote the code on SWIFT language for iOS. - - - Web site

Recently I’ve started a new project “GoDoDraw!” which is an drawing education application for kids and it will be Android, Smartphone and iPhones friendly. - - - Web site

Just finished package's design for Germany comany “Deutche Veg”, it was fun and very educational, I’ve learned a lot.

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